Nina Benet
Design of workplaces and corporate events

Taking design beyond paper, beyond the screen

My name is Nina Benet. I specialize in corporate identity and personal brand design applied to the conception of spaces and events.

With a team of specialists, we collaborate with the client on a visual family and objects that reflect the company's culture in every corner of the professional environment, imparting personality and aesthetics to generic contexts such as coworking spaces, bringing them to life and making them attractive for talent.

We follow the same philosophy for event organization, adding activities that convey the brand's identity and energy, with the mission to inspire colleagues and leave unforgettable memories in the audience.

In both cases, our team is responsible from conception to implementation, with special love for details and commitment to respect what makes each company something unique.

Evento SpotifyEvento Spotify
Oficinas y laboratorio Roche LabOficinas y laboratorio Roche Lab
Oficinas de Wayra BAOficinas de Wayra BA
Oficinas AMD BAOficinas AMD BA
Evento "Penta Party" NXA Studios BAEvento "Penta Party" NXA Studios BA
"Evento de recruiting" NXA Studios BA"Evento de recruiting" NXA Studios BA
Evento "Muralismo en vivo" en AreaTresEvento "Muralismo en vivo" en AreaTres
Diseño y señalética en el coworking AreaTresDiseño y señalética en el coworking AreaTres